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Release Notes: New Custom Ranking Report!!

You may notice after logging in, that there is a "Reports" button on your dashboard. This button lets you see:

  1. Ranking (Item & Customer Ranking over different periods of time)
  2. Release Notes - just select this so you can get the latest update on what we've done with SR360!

Lets dive a little further into what the Ranking Reports are all about, and what they can do.  The Ranking report lets you know exactly how the items or customers rank in the territory/s you have access to...over different periods of time.

Instead of creating several different ranking reports, we decided to give you the power to create several ranking report from one page.    

Generating your custom ranking report takes 2 steps:
  1. Select Report Criterial
  2. Select the "Go" button

Use the following Criteria to create your custom ranking report:
  • Where to Rank:  Territories
    • When the page displays, it's defaulted to automatically check every territory you have access to
    • Uncheck/Check any territory to see a ranking for a specific territory, or any combination of territories
    • Must select at least one territory to get ranking results

  • What to Rank:  
    • Item (defaulted automatically to rank by Item)
    • Customer

  • How to Rank:
    • Sales ($'s...defaulted automatically to rank by Sales Dollars)
    • Units (# units)

  • When to Rank:  Sales Period
    • Several different sales periods will be listed for you to choose
    • The Account Administrator has control over what periods are available in the list for you to choose from
      • Admin user can add/remove period on the settings page, within the "Dashboard Snapshot" section: