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Release Notes: Reset Password & New User Emails

This release focuses in on providing the best user experience in the following situations:

  1. The dreaded forgetting the darn password
  2. Need to send/resend an automated welcome email to new users

What do I do when I forget the darn password...again
No worries, It's pretty painless.  It's important to note that your password is encrypted, even we can't see it.  So you'll need to do the following to reset it:
  1. Goto the login page:
  2. On that page, It will tell you to click "Here" it

  3. Enter your email
    1. Need to have at least logged in once with this email
  4. Select Password Reset button
  5. A message displays if an email with the password reset link is sent
  6. Open the email...looks like:

  7. Select the Reset Password button
  8. Takes you to page, enter the following:
    1. Email
    2. Password
    3. Password Again to confirm it
  9. Select Reset Password button
  10. It will display a message that it was successfully reset
  11. Select Back to Login button ...login with new password.

New User Welcome Email (used by Admin users)

Sending a welcome email to a new user is as simple as clicking 2 buttons.  Before mentioning how to do it, we wanted you to know that we have two types of welcome emails.  The system will automatically know which type of email to send, so you'll just do the same 2 steps.

Types of Welcome Emails:
  1. Email is sent to a new user that does not exist in SalesRep 360, or has never logged into SR360
    1. Notifies the user what their username is (the email address that the welcome email is sent to)
    2. Embedded Button in email for user to create password
  2. Email is sent to a user that already exists in SalesRep 360, but is a new user in another account within SR360
    1. A sales rep that is added as a user in multiple companies/brands in SR360, will be able to access any one of those companies/brand without needing to log out.  A welcome email is sent to these users, so they are notified when they can now access their territory for another company/brand in SR360, that they rep for.
Steps to Send or Resend a New User a Welcome 
  1. Select the desired user
  2. Check, if not already checked the "Allow Sales Rep to Login?"
  3. Check, "Send Welcome Email?"
    1. user's email address is required, if not already there
  4. Select Save button

Sample Welcome Emails

Sent to New Users to SalesRep360 or Never Logged in Yet

New User to Account in SR360, but Already Exists as a User in Another Account in SR360

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