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Release Notes: A must see Facelift

We just couldn't resist applying a year-end facelift to the dashboard... and to the customer's overview page.  These changes came about because of some great feedback that we've been Thank You :)   

Below are a highlight of the changes, and how to modify the sales trend graph to display the info you need:

  • Dashboard
    • Sales Trend Graph (these same changes were applied to the Sales Trend graph for every customer)
      • Expanded the date range to include 12 months, instead of just the last 6 months
      • The months will automatically display from oldest (left) to the most current (right).  This will make it easier for a rep to quickly see the most current data to analyze.
      • Can Select or Unselect any of the following to display on the graph:
        1. Sales ($): Previous Year
        2. Sales ($): Current Year
        3. Units (#): Previous Year
        4. Units (#): Current Year
      • When they are unselected, it's greyed out in the graph's legend.  This makes it easy to quickly see what you have activated, or have unactivated by looking at the graph's legend.
    • Sales Trend Chart
      • Added the following to this chart (highlighted in the image below)
        • Last Week
        • Last Month
        • Last Year
        • Sales Pace Column, which will display the pace for the current week, month, and year

How to Modify the Sales Trend Graph

It's pretty simple-sweet...just click on any of the options in the graph's legend (found just below the graph), as seen in the image below:

In this sample, we unselected "2014: Units", and activated all the other options.  

Hope y'all Enjoy!!