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Meet the Team - Episode 1: Sir Richard MacKillop

Within the past 4 weeks, we've organized a small but highly specialized team, with the intent to progress every aspect of SR360.  So perhaps we should informally introduce some of the people behind the product, so you can know whom to curse or congratulate.  

So without further adieu, we'll start with our fearless leader...

Sir Richard MacKillop

(aka "The Architect")

For some of us that have had the privilege of working with Sir Richard through the years, we've commonly referred to him as, "The Architect."  If you have ever seen the matrix movie, well...he IS THE ARCHITECT!  Others have referred to him as the Steve Jobs of the Natural Food Industry.  In an industry where a store can order from 100+ vendors, and during a time where orders were placed individually via fax or with a two-handed telxon scanner...

Richard created an ordering system where a user could take a cell phone sized scanner to scan several items in a single order, and the system would automatically split that order to create several Purchase Orders, for the correct vendors.  A retailer could then submit any Purchase Order via their online account.  This innovative ordering system gave birth to a company called, OrderDog, during a time when the internet wasn't mainstream in most retail stores.   It attracted the attention many many large retail companies, such as GNC, Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc...along with the smaller Mom-n-Pop sized stores.  He was OrderDog's CEO for over 10 years before selling his ownership rites to pursue other entrepreneurial opportunities.  

SalesRep360 Comes Alive

Richard is a die hard entrepreneur, and he loves to surround himself with people that have the same entrepreneurial spirit and drive.  And now his attention has been turned towards some opportunities for innovation with the manufacturers and sales reps within the Natural Food Industry.  He saw the need for sales reps to have a tool that is simply not dead, but offers a living stream of data.  If the sales rep is alive, then that sales rep deserves data that is alive, regardless of where the rep is.  Live data coupled with a custom set of features has increased a rep's visibility into how to act promptly to both grow and protect shelf space within a store.  With Richard's vision and leadership, SR360 will grow from being a live tool, into becoming a smart tool, and then ultimately an intelligent one. 

What little known secrets does Sir Richard have?

So that's a glimpse about Richard from the business perspective in the then, now, and slightly into the future.  But what about Richard beyond the business setting.  Is there a little know secret about him?  Well, there is one thing that he absolutely loves spending his free time on.  And if you mention it to him, you've make a friend for life!  He is building a race car (class 11) from scratch, to race in Baja 2016.  So if you've ever wanted to sponsor an off-roading race car...he's your guy.  Guess this means SR360 is going to race in BAJA 2016!  But that's not the only thing, he won't be alone behind the wheel, because he is building it with his daughter.  

We'll periodically update SR360's blog with his journey to, videos, etc.

Think it will look something like....

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