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Release Notes: Rep Orders

This release is all about REP ORDERS.  More specifically, a sales rep's ability to quickly create a rep order while on the go.

There are a few main features a Sales Rep can do that's worth pointing out:

  • create order to stock up supplies
  • create order for specific customer
  • cc'd on any order
  • Notes:
    • for specific item
    • for order
Navigating to Place an Order to Stock Up Supplies...aka "Car Stock":
When an order is created using this form, the folks fulfilling the order automatically knows who submitted the order, and the purpose for the stock up your supplies.

Here's some steps to navigate to this order and some details about it:
  • Simply navigate down the main menu until you see Rep Order
  • Select Rep Orders, and you'll see a sub-menu display: Car Stock
  • Select Car Stock

Navigating to Place an Order for a Customer:
When an order is created using this form, the folks fulfilling the order automatically knows who submitted the order, and the customer the order is for.

  • When on the details page of any customer, you'll see the "Order Forms" button
  • Select the Order Forms button, which give you a dropdown option of the forms available for this customer
  • Select the desired form to create the order

  • The order form will display the customer's name

Want to be cc'd on the order or cc someone else, then:

  • Within the "Send Order To" section:
      • an email automatically displays where the order will go
      • If you or someone else needs to be cc'd on the order, enter the email address in the "CC" field

Want to enter notes about a specific item, then:
    • Within the "Order Details" section:
      • The form will display a notes field for that item, if a note is permitted.
      • There's plenty of space to enter anything you need to say
Want to enter notes about the order, then:

    • Within the "Order Notes" section:
      • You can specify anything you need to communicate about the order, so those fulfilling it are aware
      • You have lots of room to say whatever is needed

Release Notes: Faster, Easier, more Reliable

This release was all about making SR360...Faster...Easier...more Reliable.

We came up with a simple rule: It must display within 3 seconds (with a descent internet connection).  It's that simple.  So we went through every page, and everything within the pages...and optimized them to abide by the 3 second rule.  If you see something take longer than 3 seconds to display, then tell us immediately.  

The best way to improve reliability is to remove the bugs.  So we removed all of them.  We also implemented automated testing, which automatically tests our software before we release code changes.  This helps us kill the bugs before you even know they exist.

We modified the following to make it easier:

  • to Assign Customers to Territory
    • added a zipcode column, so a user can use it to search for a single or group of customers to assign to a sales territory
  • to use the Column Filters
    • the filters are NOT case sensitive anymore
    • any column that has the filter symbol, this column will let you use it to filter everything that's in it, which makes it incredibly easy to reduce all the info to display only what you want to see.
    • sample below, filtered by customer name to display only customers that contain "sunflow" in its name: