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New Report: Sales Growth Detail

Easy link to the detailed report

Having information at your fingertips is what every good sales person needs.  Our sales growth widget is a really useful for quickly knowing how your territory, a customer, a sale rep and more are performing.  However, to really understand what is happening, you need to see some details.

On the bottom of the Sales Growth widget, you can now see an arrow.  This arrow indicates there is detailed information available on this widget.  Simply click the arrow (or anywhere along the bottom area of the widget) and you will then see the detail behind the widget's values.

That's it. Pretty easy.

Welcome to SalsesRep360's New Website

SalesRep360 is poised for launch...

New Home Page

As with any startup, getting your marketing message right is a really big deal. Initially, we threw up a quick page or two just so we had something on the home page. Now we've completely re-done it with a fresh, modern look that we think better communicates who we are.

You can check out the new home page here.


Any time you are hosting a mission critical application like SalesRep360, users are always interested in knowing what precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of their data.

We've put together a page that explains all the safety and backup information that SalesRep360 does.

You can read the Security and Backup policy page here.


Good luck and happy selling.

The SalesRep360 team